Long Beach is a 5-kilometer beach in New York’s southernmost borough. It’s known for its smooth, powdery sand, level coastline, nice waves, and cool water. It’s ideal for surfing, swimming, sunbathing, and taking long hikes.

The breakerwaters, which are made up of massive stones, are the beach’s major feature. They can be found all around the beach. Climbing them provides views of the sea, rogue birds, and massive ships ploughing the ocean.

The majority of beachgoers are residents of New York state. On weekends, thousands of people congregate here, but the beach is spacious enough to accommodate everyone. On working days, Long Beach is still desert.

The following are some of the benefits of this location:

  • The air is pure, there is no litter, there are numerous public spaces in the area, there is an excellent transportation junction, and the water is clear.
  • Due to the lack of underwater currents and the presence of beach rescue crews, Long Beach is ideal for family fun. Teenagers, on the other hand, should not be left alone by the sea during a storm. Another benefit of this beach is its low crime rate.

When is the most ideal time to visit?

It is recommended to visit the mainland beaches in the summer, when the temperature is pleasant enough for swimming. Florida and the Hawaiian Islands, for example, are pleasant all year.


Allegria Hotel is a four-star hotel located 200 metres from the beach. The following amenities are available to its visitors:
Restaurant serving American and international cuisine with a banquet hall; laundry and dry cleaning; gym for fitness, workouts, and weightlifting; business centre with high-speed Internet, conference room, comfortable furniture, and delicious coffee; outdoor pools for children and adults; cocktail bar and lounge zone
The hotel is housed in a luxurious seven-story building with a penthouse on the top floor. Its suites are equipped with a separate bathroom, modern bathroom fixtures, stylish furniture, and comfortable beds. Parts of the rooms have been converted for those who use wheelchairs.

Long Beach is made up entirely of sand and water. However, 100 metres away is a promenade with all of the necessary infrastructure. Water closets, taverns, comfortable restaurants, food stores, entertainment venues, and recreation zones are all included. Hiking, jogging, cycling, rollerblading, and longboarding are all possible on the local wooden deck. It offers a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean.

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