Beachgoers are surrounded by a magnificent stretch of tranquilly and a family-friendly beachfront on this crescent-shaped shoreline.

Crescent Beach is nestled between the traditional tourist attractions of St. Augustine and Matanzas Inlet to the south, with its sweeping coastline carving out a big “C” where it meets the Atlantic Ocean (the crescent shape, of course, giving the place its name). Crescent Beach, on the other hand, is a little off the usual road for visiting beachgoers.

Why Locals Love Crescent Beach California

Crescent Beach is popular among locals because it is broad, offers easy parking, and is not as crowded as other beaches. It preserves a “old Florida” vibe as a quieter beach with white sand and is located in a primarily residential neighbourhood because it is positioned at the southern end of Florida’s Historic Coast. At the intersection of Cubbedge Road and Florida State Road A1A, a few eateries and pubs appear to spring out of the horizon. Uninitiated drivers could easily pass through Crescent Beach without ever realising it. It is, without a doubt, a “family-friendly” beach.


The oceanfront park, which features picnic gazebos, dune crossovers, restrooms, and convenient parking, is located in the heart of Crescent Beach. There are also a number of fantastic shops and restaurants in the vicinity.

The major public beach access leads to the ocean, and car driving is permitted on the beach, a throwback to a bygone era in Florida (although there are fees and passes required between March 1 and September 30).

Where Should You Stay?

In the region, there are a few hotels and rental homes. Beacher’s Lodge Oceanfront Suites is a favourite among visitors looking for a place to stay the night. Beacher’s isn’t your normal hotel; it’s a condominium complex with around 80 apartments managed by a property management company. All of them have breathtaking views!

The bright, towering towers, and large crowds seen at beaches like Daytona Beach are not for everyone. Many people come to Crescent Beach for the peaceful dunes and sea oats that filter the onshore winds. Crescent Beach has long been a regional appeal for residents of communities such as Gainesville. It also draws repeat visitors from Georgia and Tennessee.

Crescent Beach Dining

Enjoy a barefoot, beachy vibe whether dining indoors or in their outdoor courtyard with wooden tables and umbrellas for some cover from the Florida sun at Safe Harbor Seafood. Enjoy the finest seafood with delectable side dishes.

Crescent Beach Bar & Grille serves succulent burgers, freshly caught fish sandwiches, and more.

The calm crescent-shaped white sand beaches, outstanding local eateries, Old Florida charm, and family-friendly lodgings await you when you visit in Crescent Beach.

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