Take the dogs out for a day of fun and exercise in Los Angeles County’s backyard.

California’s city of Long Beach

Because of an Alabama native who came to Belmont Shore and understood that dogs needed a place to run and enjoy the ocean, Long Beach offers the only dog beach in Los Angeles County.

According to Justin Rudd’s investigation of the Long Beach city law, dogs are only permitted on the beach during designated events. To begin, he hosted a dog show at which 400 to 500 dogs and their owners attended with joy. Since there was no doubt that dogs were well-behaved thanks to their responsible owners, a pilot programme began in 2001 after 20 months and 20 events. Attraction for dog owners was established permanently in 2003 after an initial trial period.

The three-acre off-leash Dog Zone on Ocean Blvd. between Argonne Ave. and Roycroft Ave. in Belmont Shore was renamed in December 2010 and is now known as the Off-Leash Dog Park. In honour of Rudd’s late English Bulldog, “Rosie,” the beach is now known as “Rosie’s Dog Beach.”

Ralph Cordero and Rudd realised that “Dog Zone” lacked the warm, fuzzy feeling individuals receive when they bring their pets to Long Beach for a frolic in the water, and decided to open a new dog park.

Riley, Justin’s new Bulldog, started getting attention from others after Cordero and his wife attended events. Since so many people identified with Rosie’s campaign to make the beach dog friendly, Cordero approached city employees and council members to ask that the Dog Zone be renamed in her honour.

When Cordero approached Marine Bureau manager Mark Sandoval in 2009 about renaming the facility, he stated, “Everyone came on board with the proposal.” Involvement of Mayor Bob Foster, his wife Nancy, and Council Member Gary DeLong were among those involved.

Assembly Member Bonnie Lowenthal’s field representative Tim Patton presented a proclamation and delivered a blessing for the beach.

The hours of Rosie’s Dog Beach are 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week.

A commemorative sign reads as follows: “When she was a dog, her name was Rosie the Bulldog. Rosie the Bulldog was the driving force for the creation of this dog beach in 2001. This 38-pound dog was excited to play in the sand and surf with his 4-legged companions because he lived just a block away. ”


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