The intersection of Ocean Boulevard and 39th Street in Long Beach, California, is a popular hangout for conure parrots.

According to a shop owner near the Belmont Memorial Pier in Long Beach, California’s city of Belmont Shore is home to a flock of energetic conure parrots that apparently escaped a pet store in Pasadena, California, about 35 miles away by plane. The business had burned down more than two decades earlier, and the birds had managed to escape, rescuing themselves but now having to contend with the harsh conditions of Southern California’s climate.

Tropical flora and fruits found approximately 3,000 kilometres distant are essential for the natives of Central and South America. While most parrot species are extinct in Southern California, this feisty bird is the exception.

Some of Southern California’s most distinctive botanical gardens, such as those at California State University Long Beach, provide enough food for these hardy and resourceful songbirds, it turns out.

There are tropical flowers and fruits on campus five miles from Belmont Shore palm trees, where you may occasionally see these noisy, vibrant green parrots. Scientists have studied this group of birds on the campus and discovered that it is able to forage for food among many plants, flowering bushes, and fruits.

In spite of their proximity to the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino or the Los Angeles Arboretum, the resourceful and colourful characters are fun to hear and observe if you manage to come across their noises or get sight of their swiftly flying green parrots.

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